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Aircraft Interiors Market Expected to Read $15.75 Billion by 2020

global aircraft interiors

Aircraft interiors is an all encompassing term that includes all of the components and systems that are installed inside an aircraft cabin. That includes practically everything that forms a customer experience while aboard an aircraft. The 41% of passengers that prefer to watch movies are using one part of that system (the in flight entertainment system), while the 21% of passengers who prefer to read are using another (the lighting configuration). Basically, the entire flight experience is dictated by the way that passengers experience the aircraft interior.

And as it turns out, the industry that designs, produces, and assembles these components is very lucrative. In a new market research report by Industry Arc, it was predicted that the global aircraft interiors market will reach $15.75 billion by 2020. There are a number of reasons for this dramatic growth, including advances in the materials and technology needed for such design.

Airlines are always competing for customer loyalty, and that requires a delicate balancing act. While commercial airlines want to add things like in flight entertainment systems, they can’t overload the plane in the process. Because of aircraft fuel costs, manufacturers are reducing the overall weight of their planes in order to improve fuel efficiency. But this focus on bringing down the weight of the craft has also led to significant innovations in the field. Notably, 3D printing technology is being explored for its ability to manufacture components of aircraft interiors, like better economy class seating.

Indeed, air travel has been surging as of late. About 8 million people fly every day, but airlines are in heavy competition with each other to provide their customers and shareholders with the best value and reputation.

Aircraft displays and innovative new designs can often be seen at an aircraft interiors expo. Many of the designs featured at these events will likely be the future of the modern aircraft. Global aircraft interiors will be changing with the world, and the industry has to keep up.

Companies that produce aircraft interiors components and in flight entertainment systems must consider many innovations and updates for their designs — including things like in seat USB power and Wi-Fi capabilities. As the industry grows, so too do the stakes of shareholders, business leaders, and employees of the aircraft interiors business.