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Patented Power Management System

Introducing The QUATRO+AC Power Supply

“Where Innovation Meets Affordability”…Is dedicated to providing its’ customers with the latest and most innovative technologies, making it accessible through smart design.

The QUATRO+ Power Solutions…

With the debut of the QUATRO+AC at the 2018 AIX in Hamburg IMAGIK has leaped forward into the next generation of In-Seat Power Management.

The patented QUATRO+AC Power Supply follows our concept of light weight and compact through smart design. The QUATRO+ Power Management Systems do not require an MCU or power inverter, therefore reducing the overall weight on the aircraft. Weighing in at 660gm the QUATRO+AC is the lightest PSU of its kind available. The QUATRO+ Power Systems are capable of supporting 60Hz 110vac outlets, USB Type-A 2.1amps, and USB Type-C/PD 60w with multiple outlet options depending on the airline’s preference. We are the only company that holds a patented “Intelligent Power Management” system for AC, USB Type A,C and PD. With our patented management system we are able to control power throughout the cabin, unlike other systems that shut the power down when it exceeds the aircraft’s load limit. The cost of acquisition of the QUATRO+ Systems and the Reduced Combined Weight of the Overall Installation Kit calls for serious consideration on behalf of any airline looking for significant weight reduction on the aircraft.

The QUATRO+ Series of PSUs is a pragmatic approach to In-seat power charging systems, the “Affordable Solution” to the Airlines.

With the QUATRO+ System already operating on four major airlines with multiple STCs (B737-A330-B767-A320) and seat configurations, the Quatro-Plus System has proven to be a reliable, versatile solution.

The Quatro+System installation kits are available and approved on B/E Spectrum, Pinnacle & Innovator II seats, Recaro BL3510 & BL3530, Zodiac/Weber, Sicma 9570, and Brice B1010S, meeting all weight limits and not exceeding TSO ( Re-certification of Seats Not Required).

Our trust in the the QUATRO+ System is exemplified in our “Life of Product” Warranty Support.

We urge you to contact IMAGIK to discuss a full “Turn-key Solution” and design a program that enhances your services and best meets your individual In-Seat Power requirements.

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