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“Where Innovation Meets Affordability”

An Open Letter From IMAGIK

We welcome and thank you for your interest in visiting our website. As an avionics development company “Our Mission” has always been to produce a product that exceeds industry standards while making it affordable. Over twenty five years ago, IMAGIK was incorporated and its initial challenge was to develop a controller board for a major IFE company to power 8- and 10-inch monitors for the airline industry. Since, IMAGIK has become part of an industry which prizes innovation and creativity in a demanding ever-evolving environment. Within the last twenty years we have seen leaps in technologies never imagined except by a few. Their dreams became a vision, and their visions became reality; there are no longer boundaries that limit ideas.

Today IMAGIK has come a long way from those first controller boards moving on to the development of SOS systems, VHS and DVD multiplayer and to include our own line of IFE monitors. Always looking towards the future and sensitive to emerging technologies, IMAGIK now sits at the forefront in the development of USB-PD In-Seat & IFE Charging Systems. With our patented USB-PD power management system “iPD”, charging performance will be unaffected no matter how many users are charging their devices at the same time. IMAGIK technology has become a Game Changer, bringing to the airline industry the latest technology for USB In-Seat Power & IFE Power Systems while keeping it affordable.

Ever looking towards the future and despite current setbacks in our industry, IMAGIK has moved to a new 40000 sf facility tripling its previous building, expanding our manufacturing capacity and capabilities to include an SMT assembly line, environmental testing and other facets of the manufacturing process, giving us full control of Quality and Production. This equates to improved turn times, reliability of products and overall cost savings to our customers.

We thank you for visiting our webpage, please do so again.