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Power charging, an ever-growing demand inside the aircraft brings new challenges and the need for creative solutions.

Adding to our standard Quatro+ USB Type-A and our new QUATRO Type A + AC, we are introducing the USB-PD Type-C Power System. Following its philosophy of innovation through intelligent design and affordable products IMAGIK is now introducing iPD: Intelligent Power Delivery.

Fully designed under U.S. Patent 9,914,548 enabling power to all users without interruption or denial of service.

The ever increasing USB-PD ready laptops and phones in the market today are programmed with the USB-PD protocol with a “choose higher power” setting to request maximum available power from the power supply. IMAGIK’s patented power management system, iPD, can negotiate power levels managing charging speeds but not compromising functionality of the units, always compliant with PD specifications.

iPD Works at three different levels:

  • Controlling the overall power available in use in the cabin
  •  At row level for power to each box
  • At individual seat level in case a dual port outlet is in use and available power is exceeded.

Because of this management capability to every level in the system, using our ultra-small power iMCU, iPD allows to recognize and identify every seat in the cabin for ancillary revenue capabilities via an APP. This system management allows full monitoring of the LRUs to detect any variation in the operation that may lead to product failure.

This all translates into a highly efficient, light weight system affordable to the airlines with overall Total Cost of Owner savings. Maximized efficiency adds to less power, less heat, no moving parts or fans and all into a more reliable, long lasting, maintenance free equipment, further creating a system with lower initial investment cost and long-term economy.

The QUATRO + iPD solution is a pragmatic approach to in-seat power charging systems, the affordable solution to the airlines.


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