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3 More Ways To Make Your Airline More Family-Friendly

Airplane Power Outlets

In our last post, we discussed the best amenities and features that an airline can have to make their planes more family-friendly. This list included inflight entertainment systems to occupy the kids, airplane power outlets for all of a family’s devices, kid-friendly food options, easy seating assignment, and free luggage check for the additional bags that come with kids. While these are important to keep a family happy, there are even more ways you can cater your airline to families.



  1. Complimentary Stroller Check

    Families with small children will be juggling not only extra luggage but bulky contraptions like strollers and car seats. On top of all of the bags a family will be checking, having to check a stroller or car seat will add even more charges and could discourage them from using your airline in the future. To take it a step further, you could have attendants waiting with the stroller as the family disembarks. This will show them that you care about their comfort and make it easy for them to pop their child into the stroller as they leave.

  2. Free Itinerary Changes

    With the many moving parts that comprise a family, last-minute emergencies and schedule changes are a fact of life. One or more kids could get sick, and then one parent has to stay behind or they have to cancel the tickets for the entire family. When an airline charges fees for canceling or changing flight times, the costs add up quickly for families with many members. When an airline doesn’t have change fees or has fees that are cheaper than other airlines, families will gravitate towards them.

  3. Kid-Friendly Extras and Amenities

    While having features like WiFi and airplane power outlets are big draws for families, the little things also matter. With special kid-friendly touches, one airline can stand out from the rest for a family. These extras could include free wing pins or stickers for kids or a special visit to the cockpit before a flight takes off. Offering small activities, like coloring books and crayons, could be a life-saver for families that forgot to pack them.


Over 8 million people fly on average every day. With many of these millions being families, you have to make sure that your airline is attractive to that markets. By adding these small and simple features, you’ll transform your planes from a parent’s obstacle course to their safe haven.