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3 Reasons Your Airline Needs In Flight Entertainment Systems

faa repair stationAs an airline, your business is founded on providing transportation to the far reaches of the world for billions of people. It would be simple if that’s all you needed to do but with a growing restlessness in the digital age and other means of transportation hot on your heels, it’s imperative to also keep your passengers entertained.

In-flight entertainment technology, or IFE systems for short, are a must-have on any aircraft despite the destination. Here’s why.

Keeping up with your competitors

The airline industry is a competitive game and you want passengers to choose your airline over everyone else’s, right? Well, the problem is that you’re not providing anything different from those other airlines. You have planes that take people where they need to go, they have planes that take people where they need to go. So what can you do to draw people in? Lower ticket prices, sure but that’s not all. Implementing IFE monitors and other technology such as in-seat power for your passenger’s convenience is your golden ticket. People will pay more for luxury, comfort, and convenience.

Customer loyalty

As previously stated, there’s really no difference between your airline and your competitors except for the amenities you provide. That means customers aren’t as loyal to one airline over another because there really aren’t any distinguishable benefits of flying just one airline. It’s not like you’re Ford and the other airlines are Dodge and Chevy and people will, for whatever reason, always pick just one for the duration of their lifetime. Implementing IFE systems can incentivize people to pick your airline for their travel needs over and over again because you give them what they want: entertainment during an otherwise mind-numbing experience.


Essentially the underlying point, keeping your customers happy and satisfied is the key to any business. Herding people onto a plane and getting the flight over with as quickly as possible might satisfy some people (not sure who or why) but you aren’t going to get any five-star ratings for it. Flying isn’t a new thing anymore, people are used to it, numbed by it in fact. That’s why you want to make sure that their flight is one they’ll always remember and remember you for. A happy customer means a successful business.

On average, over eight million people fly every day. It’s a common occurrence. A big part of your job is to make it unique and pleasurable. Granted, you also need to get your planes repaired by an FAA repair station when things go wrong and ensure your passengers arrive safely but that’s not what attracts customers. You can certainly have your captain announce that your planes were recently repaired at an FAA repair station but your best bet is to just opt for IFE systems.

If you’re looking for in flight entertainment providers or an FAA repair station, give us a call today.