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3 Reasons Your Airline Needs Inflight Entertainment

in flight entertainment system

When it comes to running a successful airline, passenger experience is absolutely everything. You want people to have a great experience flying, so that they’ll not only come back, but so that they’ll also tell their friends and family about their wonderful experience with your company. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing, after all.

In flight entertainment systems can really take the experience of flying with your airline to the next level and ensure that your consumers have an awesome flight. Here are just a few reasons to consider investing in IFE systems.

Gain Consumers
About 8 million people fly every single day on average, and about 78% of domestic flights are taken for leisure. During a flight, about 41% of people will watch a movie as well. To do this though, IFE monitors and inflight entertainment systems are an absolute must. If you think about it, not having in flight entertainment systems means you’re losing the interest of those two in five fliers, which simply isn’t good for business. To gain consumers, you need to give them what they are looking for: something to do!

Build Loyalty
In addition to gaining consumers, IFE can help you retain them. Consumers will come back to the airline that gave them a good experience again and again. So, if you make their first experience with your company a great one, they will automatically think about your airline first when they book their next trip. They may also refer other people, as mentioned before. This is a huge plus for your company and your brand recognition.

Brand Your Business
Speaking of brands, you can use IFE in two ways in terms of branding: for yourself or for profit. Basically, you can use it to provide information on your other products, services, and deals, or you can use it as advertising space for other companies to buy into. This will of course depend on how big or small your company is to begin with, and how you would like to grow moving forward. Either way, IFE can be a major money making opportunity overall, whichever way you go with it.

Will you be getting in contact with any in flight entertainment companies? What do you hope the benefit will be for your airline?