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3 Tips: How to Survive a Long Plane Ride

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A plane trip usually symbolizes something to celebrate — a well-earned vacation, a visit to someone beloved, or a life change. But even though the reason for a journey may be exciting, for many people the actual trip is dreaded rather than anticipated.

On average, about 8 million people fly every day, and they all have different methods for making the trip bearable. But when it comes to particularly long plane rides, this can be quite the challenge, even for the most frequent of fliers.

If you suffer from Airplane Boredom Syndrome, then check out these three tips for mastering the journey and getting where you need to go without losing your mind:

Airplane cabins are notoriously dry, and the changes in air pressure can make it even worse. Drink a lot of water and watch your soda, caffeine, or alcohol consumption, which can make this dryness even worse. Dehydration while flying can lead to headaches and sluggishness, which will certainly put a damper on the rest of your journey, too.

Bring Your Own Electronics
Although your flight will certainly have exciting options on their inflight entertainment systems and airplane display screens, don’t hesitate to utilize the other aircraft interiors products that will allow you to plug in your own devices. Rent a DVD or download a movie prior to takeoff to make sure that you can watch whatever you want during the flight. In-seat power outlets and in-seat USB power will also make this much easier.

Bring Your Own Pillow and Blanket
When you bring your own travel blanket and pillow, you will make yourself immeasurably more comfortable. Carry on a sweet-smelling herbal sachet and an eye mask, and you’ll sleep as if you’d never left home at all. Plug your earphones into the IFE monitors and you should be set to sleep the flight away.

From your airplane display system to your own personal blanket, there is no doubt that you can find your own personal comfort zone aboard a long flight. If all else fails, keep your eyes on the prize and the reason that you are flying in the first place. Try to enjoy your journey as much as you will your destination!