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4 Helpful Tips For Nervous First-Time Flyers

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If you’ve never flown before, the thought of getting on an airplane for the first time can be downright terrifying. There are so many steps involved just to get on the plane, and you have no idea what to expect. That’s okay! Here are some basic tips for you to follow if you’re nervous about flying for the first time.

Have your paperwork ready
It may seem like you need a thousand things in your hand in order to travel, but it really isn’t that bad. You just need to make sure you have your passport (or driver’s license depending on your destination), and your boarding pass. You’ll have to show most of these documents multiple times between check-in, security, and boarding the plane, so keep them handy.

Plan for your luggage
Every airline is different, and this includes what they allow on the plane. You will have a weight limit for any bags you decide to check, and restrictions for your carry-on, so make sure you read up on the requirements for the airline you’re flying with.

Get to the airport early
This one is pretty straightforward. You should get to the airport about two hours before your boarding time so you have time to check in and go through security without rushing or missing your flight.

Utilize inflight entertainment systems
Now that you’re on the plane, you want to make sure you keep yourself occupied. You can bring a book, listen to music, sleep, or watch a movie via in flight video. In flight entertainment companies provide a few good movies for passengers to watch on their flights, and you might just catch something you’ve never seen before. Either way, you don’t want to drive yourself nuts thinking about what you have to do when you land, so distracting your brain during the flight will be helpful.

The total number of airline passengers in 2013 alone was 3.1 billion, surpassing 3 billion passengers for the first time ever. You’re going to be one of those passengers, so get ready. There is no reason to be nervous. Simply make sure you have your paperwork ready, plan for your luggage, get to the airport early, and take advantage of in flight video or some other form of entertainment. Remember the fun destination that awaits on the other end, and you’ll be just fine!