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5 Advantages of In-Flight Power Supply Systems

Inseat Power Supply

If you are always traveling for business, then being in the air will soon lose its novelty. Suddenly, you have all this time in your hands with nothing to do. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case.

Many airlines are springing for inseat power supply, to make it easier for them to provide their passengers with quality in flight entertainment. Statistics have shown that at any one time, the average working-class-age individual in the United States has a cell phone, laptop, tablet, and other mobile communication devices nearby. Everyone wants to stay connected since it gives you peace of mind and helps you check on your friends, family, even work juniors to make sure everything is going great.

Inseat power supply and in-flight entertainment slowly continue to grow in demand all over the world, and this is why.

1. They Provide Entertainment

Inseat power supply will help you sit still all through long flights without getting agitated or restless. It will also help you put aside your phone, meaning you will be free from the constant stream of messages and emails. This will help you relax during your flight while allowing you to catch up on all your favorite movies and shows.

You can also stream some of your favorite music, and this will make you more comfortable if you don’t like to fly that much.

2. Everyone Owns a Device

Millennials love their mobile gear. Almost every working person has a mobile device, making it unnecessary for airlines to purchase expensive equipment for their passengers’ entertainment. Having an inseat power supply makes it possible for your passengers to plug in their own devices and use them to entertain themselves by listening to their own music or streaming their movie preferences.

This is also advantageous to the airline itself since they don’t have to worry about installing heavy, sophisticated equipment, which would ultimately add to the plane’s weight, thus costing them money.

3. It Allows You to Catch Up on Work

Sometimes, your deadline is drawing near and you have so much work to do that working during your flight seems like the only possible solution. Inseat power supply makes this possible. Many planes have inseat USB systems that enable you to keep your phone or tablet charged up too.

This will make sure you’re able to respond when your boss sends you an email. In flight entertainment systems often incorporate WiFi services, which will help you do your research and stay connected while on the move. If you’ve to travel, then why shouldn’t your work travel with you?

4. Inseat Power Supply Makes for Luxury Travel

Business travelers look for comfort more than anything else when they’re traveling. If you’re going to spend hours moving from one city to another, you will need the transit to be as comfortable and luxurious as possible. In-flight entertainment systems make this possible.

Inseat power allows the airline to have large LCD screens installed, which then makes it possible for the passengers to watch a multitude of movies and tv shows. This makes the flight more luxurious and comfortable and will ultimately enhance customer loyalty.

5. It Keeps Passengers Distracted

One massive benefit of in-flight entertainment systems is that they keep the passengers distracted and occupied. This prevents them from troubling the cabin crew and may keep children from crying and making noise during the flight. This will make the flight as seamless and enjoyable as possible for the passengers.

Statistics released in 2013 report that 37% of passengers consider an iPad or tablet a carry-on essential, showing an upward trend from 5% back in 2012. This is why airlines should spring for in-flight entertainment systems for their airplanes.