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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing IFE Systems

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Customer acquisition and retention are crucial metrics for airlines. All airlines seek to make offers that will encourage their clients always to remain loyal. Different airlines score differently on this aspect, but the Emirates airline was the overall winner in 2014. According to e-Dreams Global Review, the airline had a score of 4.48 out of 5. In flight entertainment providers offer numerous IFE solutions in the market and finding the best IFE system can be a daunting task. Read on for tips on how to select an ideal IFE system from the inflight entertainment market.

Do you intend to cut the cost of distributing IFE content?

Unlike seatback IFE installations, which are bulky, wireless and mobile, IFE solutions reduce your installation and content distribution costs. There will be less onboard weight, and you’ll pay less installation fee to in flight entertainment providers if you choose mobile and wireless IFE options.

Do your goals entail boosting brand loyalty?

Mobile, wireless, and seatback IFE options will help you improve brand visibility and loyalty by bettering the clients’ in flight experiences. But it’s only the mobile option that can be most effective because unlike the other two, mobile IFE allows passengers to access entertainment content before boarding, while in flight, and after landing. The mobile phone option is thus the best, but the three options can also be used in a combination to increase the choices for the clients.

Do you intend to better access to your airline’s news, flight routes, and ads?

All the three IFE options offered by in flight entertainment providers can fulfill your airline’s objective to increase the visibility of its information. But the mobile option is the best for this purpose because it allows your airline to advertise to its clients before they board, while onboard, and even after arriving at their destination. Also, it will enable the airline to collect information on its passengers, which is later used for targeted marketing.

Do you intend to better your passengers’ entire flight experience?

Wireless and seatback IFE options allow passengers to get entertainment content without having to download any app. These options are ideal for passengers that don’t wish to use other electronic gadgets such as their mobile phones while onboard. But this limits access to content because the passengers only access content while on board.

Do you intend to reward loyal or top-tier passengers?

To reward your loyal passengers, your airline needs to know them. Client data collection is done through wireless and mobile IFE solutions. But the mobile IFE option is the best because it can collect more data via the apps before, during, and after the flight. This data is used to provide more personalized offerings or services and rewards.

All three aircraft IFE systems have significant benefits for any airline that wishes to use them in advancing its marketing campaign and the improvement of the consumer experience. It’s also possible to use a combination of any of the three to improve the customers’ inflight experience further. But using the mobile option gives you the biggest advantage when it comes to consumer data mining, which is essential when developing individualized custom-marketing content and loyalty reward programs.