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5 Ways to Give Airline Passengers More Luxury Options

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When airline passengers travel, one of the things they want most is “luxury.” Whether it’s a transatlantic flight or a simple two-hour connection, the ability to relax, feel comfortable, and have whatever you need right at your fingertips is the key to a satisfied customer experience. While in flight entertainment systems and aircraft displays have long been a way to keep fliers happy, here are five more ways the airline industry can offer luxurious options to inspire lifelong loyal customers.

  1. In Seat Power
    These days, it doesn’t matter where you go; someone is always looking for a place to charge their smartphone or tablet. That includes on flights, too, where playing games or reading e-books can quickly drain batteries. Give your customers the option to choose their own entertainment by providing them with USB ports at every seat.
  2. WiFi
    While the regulations surrounding in-flight wireless Internet options for commercial aircraft make it somewhat difficult and expensive to provide WiFi for global aircraft interiors, studies show that it’s worth the extra effort. According to a 2013 survey from TripAdvisor, 25% of people would choose a WiFi-enabled airline over one without, regardless of other factors.
  3. Larger Monitors
    Today’s technology consumers might be used to small screens, but nothing feels like more of a luxury than large in-arm IFE monitors with a high-quality picture display. Aircraft display systems up to 15 inches can now be placed in-arm for optimal viewing pleasure.
  4. rong>Touchscreen Orders
    While flight attendant call buttons are useful, they can be distracting and even embarrassing for some customers. With silent touchscreen technology to order drinks or snacks, you can generate more in-flight revenue while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.
  5. Interactive Gaming
    No matter where you’re headed, travel can be lonely. But dual-player gaming options on your aircraft displays can be a great way for families (or even strangers) to bond during the long flight.

While the culture of flying has become much more relaxed over the years, customers still expect a luxury experience when they travel by air. Give your passengers proper pampering with a wealth of in flight options and you’ll gain a loyal customer for life.