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5 Ways To Make Your Airline More Family-Friendly

Airplane Power Outlet

When families fly, they are just trying to get the kids on the plane, into the air, and then back down again with as few obstacles as possible. In order to do so, families tend to look for amenities and features that will make the flight not only bearable, but enjoyable. To make your airline more family-friendly, make sure you offer these key features.


  1. Inflight Entertainment Systems For Kids

    For many parents, the most reliable way to get the kids to settle during a flight is to put on a TV show or movie that they will like. While your inflight entertainment system may be stocked with media that adults will like, make sure that it has plenty of kid content as well. If your airline only offers media that is inappropriate for children, you’ll leave parents with restless and unhappy kids who could end up disturbing everyone else on board as well.

  2. Free Checked Bags

    When you travel with kids, you somehow end up traveling with a lot of extra luggage for the tiny humans. Unless they’re going on an extremely short trip, many families will need to check multiple bags and the associated fees can add up quickly. If you offer discounted fees or waived fees for extra checked luggage, you are likely to attract more families to your airline.

  3. Airplane Power Outlets

    Parents have taken to traveling with various tablets and smartphones to ensure that the kids have their favorite movies and TV shows with them, in case the airline does not have good in-flight entertainment. These device-ridden travelers will need to use functional airplane power outlets to keep everything charged and everyone happy. Even if not for the kids, busy parents will likely need airplane power outlets for themselves to do work.

  4. Simple Seating Assignment

    When airlines charge for advance seat assignments or block off sections of seating for higher fees, families with small children are forced to pay extra for a service that they need. With kids, parents do not have the luxury of sitting wherever is available, but instead, need easy access to aisles and bathrooms.

  5. Kid-Oriented Food Options

    Although many parents will pack an arsenal of snacks to keep the little ones happy, there will be plenty of families who left the treats behind or who run out too quickly. If your airline has kid-friendly snacks and beverages, parents will immediately appreciate your preparedness. A hungry kid is an unhappy kid, and no one wants an unhappy kid on a flight.



Even if your airline does not have all of these features, at least ensure that there is reliable WiFi for flyers. In TripAdvisor’s 2013 Travel Survey, 25% of respondents said they would choose one airline over another if it offered WiFi.Covering basic amenities such as this goes a long way in keeping families happy and satisfied while they’re in the air.