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A Brief History Of The Aircraft Interiors Expo In Hamburg (Part 2)

aircraft interiors expo hamburg 2019The Aircraft Interiors Expo event has been held annually for 18 years, allowing manufacturers in the industry to display their in-flight entertainment systems, in-seat power supplies, and more to airlines and buyers. Part 1 covered the expo’s inception in 2000 to its record-breaking attendance in 2006. Read on to discover its progress to today’s expos and what is expected in the Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg 2019.

2007: Reed Exhibitions Flies In

Reed Exhibitions acquired the show in 2007, although UKIP Media and Events managed the show that took place that year. For the first time this year, a single hall was dedicated to cabin electronics, holding over 55 exhibitors. In 2008, Reed Exhibitions ran their first Aircraft Interior Expo. They did not implement many new changes, but this year saw increased concerns over aviation’s environmental impact and how the interiors industry could develop more eco-friendly fixtures.

2009: The 10th Anniversary

During this 10th edition of the expo, they hosted the first live World Airlines Awards, which were based on Skytrax’s world airline survey. A steering committee was formed this year to help improve the show and guide its direction for the future. The Innovation Lounge debuted in 2010 as part of the Innovation Zone. By 2013, the number of total passengers was at 3.1 billion, surpassing the 3 billion mark for the first time ever. This benchmark in airline usage was reflected in the expo with a slew of new conferences focused on cabin innovation and passenger experience. Over the next three years, the expo turned its attention to VIP experiences and education content to help move the industry forward

The Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg 2019

As the 20th edition of this important industry event, even more people are expected to attend and more exhibitors will set up their stands. The expo is part of the Passenger Experience Week, which focuses primarily on the ultimate comfort of those riding in the plane. This week is attended by over 18,400 visitors, more than 145 first time exhibitors, and about 1,000 airline attendees. The event includes more than 180 unique airlines and lessors, all of whom show off their products and services to potential passengers.

This year’s event is sure to bring even more innovations in aircraft interiors and attract innovators from across the world. Travel to Hamburg next April to experience the premiere trade show in aircraft interiors.