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Air Europa Installs IMAGIK’s QUATRO+USB In-Seat Power on its A300 Fleet

Air Europa has installed IMAGIK’s QUATRO+ USB charging system on the Airbus 330 fleet so that long-haul passengers can charge their electronic devices during flight. At the moment, USB port chargers have been implemented capable of producing up to 2.1A per port on three Airbus 330-200, and progressively they will be available in the rest of the Airbus fleet. This new improvement is part of the modernization and efficiency plan developed by the airline in order to improve the on-board customer experience. With this measure, we want to guarantee all long-range passengers to have the necessary supply for the loading of the devices during flight since the Airbus 330 already had this capability in its business class; and the Dreamliners in business as well as tourist class. In the short and medium term, the three new Boeing 737-800 incorporated into the Air Europa fleet this summer will also have power outlets. The chargers with USB connector are available under each of the seats and can be used by the passenger to obtain power as long as they have the light activated. Air Europa is committed to ensuring the connectivity of passengers on board and the entire long-haul fleet, consisting of eight Boeing 787-8 and twelve Airbus 330 have WiFi service.