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Taking to the skies on a commercial airline isn’t what it used to be, in part thanks to the numerous technological advances in recent years. For today’s air traveler, comfort, convenience, and style all matter most when flying. A proper in-flight entertainment system is a necessity for airlines that want to deliver those features to its customers.

Our aircraft interiors monitors are designed for the ultimate in-flight viewing experience. Do you plan to show your passengers safety videos and in-flight films or provide passengers with internet access and other entertainment options? Whatever purpose you have in mind, IMAGIK International Corp’s monitors may be just the thing you need.

    • Where can aircraft interiors monitors be installed? In short: just about anywhere on the plane. Arm rests, seat backs, and the ceiling or bulkhead are ideal spots for aircraft monitors. Ceiling and bulkhead monitors provide a viewing experience for the whole plane. Seat back monitors, on the other hand, give passengers the chance to choose their own entertainment options. Larger monitors can also be installed in select areas of the cabin.


    • Which size aircraft interiors monitors are available? Our monitors for in-flight use range from 10.4″ arm monitors to 42″ monitors designed for front of cabin use. Our 15″ bulkhead monitors are the perfect size to drop down before passengers and allow them to experience top-notch entertainment options. Each LED screen provides a high-resolution viewing experience, no matter which selection you make.


  • What other accessories come with aircraft interiors monitors? From USB chargers to headphone jacks, passengers are free to partake in the in-flight entertainment of your choosing or bring their own devices on the plane with them.

Our systems can be fully customized to provide your passengers with a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system and you with a competitive edge over other airlines. For more information on IMAGIK International Corp’s in-flight entertainment systems, contact us today.