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Airlines Develop New Technology to Speed Up Delays Due to Inclement Weather

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On average, more than 8 million people fly around the world, and in 2013, the total passenger number climbed to over 3 billion annually. If you ask any one of these fliers, they will most likely tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than having your flight delayed because of poor weather conditions.

Well, it looks like a few airlines are trying to mend that problem.

Starting in January of this year, Delta began using Viper, a rebooking system that compares factors to determine if the passenger will make their connections. This automated system offers customers different choices for alternative flights. It also saves time, as the average bad weather delay with Viper is between two and nine hours. Compared to 2012, the average weather delay at Delta was 15 hours.

United Airlines has implemented its own rebooking system that opens up cancelled seats and makes them available quicker so their customers are not faced with two or three day wait times. Southwest Airlines has also jumped on board and unleashed Baker, a system that helps the airline bounce back from storms quicker than its old manual method.

American Airlines is hoping to incorporate the tools they acquired from their merger with US Airways within the next year.

In addition to these new systems, airlines have stopped charging customers for their cancellations due to a storm. They have also ended high change penalties, and instead, offer waivers on days they predict large storms in certain areas. In general, these airlines are hoping to make the process of dealing with storms much more efficient and headache free. Their goal is to keep their consumer attachment rate, and it is working.

On top of these new systems, airlines have been incorporating different aircraft interior products for the customers to enjoy through different aircraft display systems. As 41% of all airline passengers watch movies to pass the time, in flight entertainment systems have been exceptionally popular because who doesn’t want to fly to a destination and watch television the entire time?

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