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How Can Airlines Improve Passenger Accessibility?

airplane power adapterWhen it comes to improving customer service and passenger experience, it’s important that all customers are included in the conversation. About 8 million people fly every day and many customers with disabilities. From airplane power adapter to aircraft display systems, it’s important that all passengers have access to airline features. While specific adjustments will depend on the airline, the following are some ways that airlines can boost their accessibility standards.

Airport Accessibility
Customer experience starts at the airport, so make sure that kiosks are usable and include features for people with visual and auditory impairments. It’s also important that one of your ticket counters is low enough for those in wheelchairs to communicate with staff.

It’s essential for today’s airlines to hire flight attendants who speak multiple languages. For those operating in the United States, you should have a flight attendant who speaks Spanish on board. Your in flight entertainment systems should also be available in multiple languages.

Closed Captioning
All airplane display systems should have closed captioning available for those with hearing impairments and who are deaf. Also be sure to provide this service during the flight safety demonstration. This way, they can follow along with the audio instructions as well.

Wheelchair Accessibility
It’s important that passengers who use a wheelchair have access to the same in flight features as the others. This means equipping the wheelchair areas with airplane power adapters and IFE monitors that are easily reached. By doing so, you are giving all passengers an equal experience.

Webstite Accessibility
When booking and monitoring their flight, it’s important that all customers can easily navigate your company website. Consider whether an older passenger would be able to find the essential tools and make sure that the website is available in various languages.

Remember: The best way to learn what accessibility features you should add to your airline is to listen to your customers. Send a survey to your customers to ask for their feedback on their experience, including questions about accessibility. By taking their opinions seriously, you can improve your airline features and make your customer service as inclusive as possible. By staying attentive and constantly updating your systems, your airline can stand out from the competition.