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A list of companies that trust Imagik

  • Air Europa
  • Air France
  • Aero Mexico
  • Air China
  • Air New Zealand
  • British Airways
  • China Southern
  • El Al
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Finnair
  • GOL Linhas Aereas
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • MidCoast Aviation
  • Monarch Airlines
  • Neos
  • RECARO Aircraft Seating
  • Rockwell Collins
  • TAM
  • TransAero
  • US Airways
  • Vision Air

Imagik Company History

IMAGIK since its inception has been fully dedicated in developing and manufacturing electronic related products for the aviation industry.

Below, a brief history and accomplishments since its start-up.


  • Company Established under Laws of the State of Florida USA
  • Designed, developed and manufactured a Super-VHS (multi-format) VTP for Airlines. One thousand units installed and supported to date.


  • Design of the LCD Video Controller for Hughes-Avicom. Multiple cards for Rockwell Collins and used for 6.4”, 8.4”and 10.4” in seat monitors. As supplied to British Airways, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Air France, 150,000 installed units. Still supported and produced today.


  • To date, sole supplier to Rockwell Collins for Retractable monitor system controller card and replacement cards for bulkhead and monument mounted monitors. Approximately one thousand cards produced yearly in support.
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured a Cabin Door surveillance system for Lufthansa, Condor on behalf of Air Works Inc. Two thousand units installed.


  • Designed, developed, and manufactured a 3DVD player for Rockwell Collins
  • Commenced development of a complete line of LCD monitors.
  • First monitor sales: Finnair in 2005/06 20” Monitors (250)


  • Production agreements with Aero Mexico B767, Hawaiian Airlines B767, El Al Airlines B767, Pakistani International Airlines
  • First FAA STC awarded on 15” LCD Monitor for installation on Boeing B767 Aircraft.
  • FAA Repair Station


  • Production agreements with Delta Airlines, Monarch, and extensions with existing orders with El Al and Hawaiian Airlines.


  • STC expanded to include10.4” LCD,17” LCD ,32“LCD and 37” LCD for installation on Boeing 767 Aircraft.
  • FAA-PMA Holder


  • Production agreements with US Airways, British Airways B777 Business Class10” In-Seat IFE Monitors
  • Approved Production Facility for British Airways


  • Second STC awarded 17” LCD Monitor for installation on Boeing B757 Aircraft.
  • TAM Airlines A330 Monitor Retrofit
  • Vision Airlines B767(3)  Monitor Retrofit
  • Avianca B757/767(15) Monitor Retrofit
  • Air China B777(10)


  • Completion of BA’s B777/B747 Long Haul First Class (84)
  • Air China B747 (4) Monitor Retrofit


  • British Airways B767 Short Haul Monitor Retrofit
  • Misc. MRO Installations for Monitor Retrofits


  • HAWAIIAN Airlines Monitor Retrofit Extension B767(3)
  • Misc. MRO Installs


  • Contract for monitor retrofit on AIR FRANCE B777 (12)
  • Contract with RCCS for production of 17” and 32” monitors for E-Paves RCCS System


  • Contract for monitor retrofit on AIR FRANCE B777(32)
  • PMA Approval for IK1000-200 10” Monitor replacement for B777
  • Contract for USB installation for NEOS  B767(3)
  • Contract for USB installation for GOL (Brazil) B737-700-800 (118)
  • PMA approval QUATRO+USB System / all LRU’s


  • STC for USB QUATRO+ USB Type-A  for installation on B767
  • STC for USB QUATRO+ USB Type-A  for Installation on B737
  • Contract for USB installation for Air Europa  A330 (11)
  • Contract for USB installation on  RECARO Seats (USA)B737-800 (25)
  • Contract for USB installation for HAECO Seats (USA)


  • Introduction of the patented QUATRO+AC power supply at Hamburg AIX.


  • Introduction of the patented “iPD” Intelligent Power Delivery in Hamburg
  • Debut in Hamburg AIX of the USB-PD Power System, delivering 60watts of managed power via a USB Type-C port.
  • Multiple USB Installation projects with the QUATRO+ USB Type-A System
  • Purchased new building tripling our current size to house new SMT assembly plant.


  • Expanding the capabilities of the original QUATRO+ USB Type-A to include USB Type-C 15watts to debut in Hamburg.
  • Installation of SMT assembly line by mid-year
  • Expansion of FAA part 145 shop.

2021 Expectations

  • Despite the setback of our industry due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, IMAGIK is confident of the resiliency of our industry and the nations as whole to meet and overcome these challenges. We wish all positive outcomes in 2021