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  • US Patent No: 9,914,548
  • Part Number: IKMCU-700
  • Weight: 0 lbs. (1.36Kg)
  • Size: 96 in W X 4.72 in D X 2.5 in H (152mm W X 120mm D X 63.5mm H)
  • HMTBF (Flight Hours): 60,000


  • Multiple iMCU’s for Full Cabin load management
  • Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) protection per output
  • Ultra-fast Electronic Circuit Breakers per output
  • Fuse per output
  • Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) and continuous fault monitoring reported via RS-485
  • Patented zone independent power management
  • Optional WiFi Module for ancillary revenue control


  • Input: 94-134VAC, 360-800Hz, three-phase (25A max. per phase)
  • Output: 94-134VAC, 360-800Hz, 3-phase (6.25A max. per phase)
  • Number of Zones: Four
  • Total Power: 8,625VA (Max.)


  • RTCA/DO-160G
  • Designed Under Line-fit requirements

 iPD® Intelligent Power Delivery (US Patent US9,914,548)