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Flying High: 3 Modern Features All Airplanes Need

inseat ac power

Air travel is becoming more luxurious by the day, and aircraft developers have to keep up with the trends. According to a 2013 Air Travel Survey by TripAdvisor, 25% of respondents say they would choose one airline over another if it offered wifi. This simple amenity can bring an airline a significant amount of business. Stay up to date with what consumers want checking out these highly-demanded features.

Inseat AC Power

How many times have you settled into your seat on a plane only to find that there wasn’t a power outlet or that the outlet didn’t work? Inseat AC power may seem like a basic amenity that doesn’t exactly scream luxury, but the frustrations caused by lack of working outlets happen too often. Fliers board a plan expecting to be able to charge their many devices, which can include a smartphone, laptop, and tablet for just one person. Families with children rely even more heavily on the ability to have full access to their devices for the full duration of a flight. By gaining a reputation as an aircraft that has reliable inseat AC power, you’ll be attracting a ton of customers.

Inflight Entertainment Systems

Another feature that is important to families looking to keep the little ones occupied, comprehensive systems that have a wide variety of options can boost the reputation of an aircraft. Fliers get very happy when they see recently released movies offered on their personal screens. Technologies are also being developed to allow guests to sync the inflight entertainment system with their handheld devices. Fliers can use their devices to control their entertainment options, and when they sync up the systems can even tell where the flier left off on a movie during a previous flight. This development not only personalizes a guest’s experience, but also reduces aircraft weight and frees up cabin space.

Comfortable Seating

The aircraft industry is beginning to design seats that are ergonomically designed for optimal seated comfort. This means a potential end to the endless twisting and turning passengers go through to find a comfortable position. Taking comfort a step further, airlines are developing sleeping rooms, where passengers can lay down in bunkbeds. Similar to sleep cars available on trains, these rooms will be especially convenient for passengers on long flights.

The quality of aircraft interior products is essential for a passenger choosing one aircraft over another. Stay a step ahead of the pack by giving your passengers every feature they could possibly dream up for the best inflight experience imaginable.