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Fun Flying: In-Flight Gaming

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Roughly 41% of fliers watch movies and 21% of fliers read. But gamers? They game. In addition to a television set and movie screen, that in-seat monitor in front of travelers is also a high-tech gaming console. Aircraft interior products include in-flight entertainment systems that rival home recreation havens. Below are some of the best games to offer your passengers on their next journey.

Animal Factory. This game is actually comprised of two mini-games that are each variations on matching up Frankenstein-esque creatures that the main character Juan has trapped in large pods. One game challenges players to assemble puzzle pieces to create an image of an animal, like a frog or panda. Another is a matching game that requires gamers to view an animal image for a few short seconds, after which a memory challenge dares players to recall the original image and recreate it. Each time a puzzle is successfully finished, a win token is placed into a jar that Juan keeps. The more tokens collected, the higher the score.

Berlitz Word Traveler. A take on the popular language-learning classes and books, this game allows aircraft interior products to elevate games to educational opportunities. A variety of flashcard-style exercises lets fliers try their hand at acquiring essentials of several languages. Passengers can brush up on their Icelandic while in route to their destination. Another game offers dialog practice by quickly displaying a picture and corresponding word and then asking players to match the words with the correct image from memory. This offering is particularly suitable for in-flight entertainment as international passengers can learn useful words to try out upon arriving in their destination country.

In-Flight Golf: Sport Series. Fliers can hone their golf game and involve their fellow travelers via the multiplayer option and electronic simulations of various courses.

World Wise. This one is a fairly straightforward trivia game with interesting information tidbits about countries around the globe, making it another learning-while-playing experience.

Hue Drops. Hue Drops starts with showing players one colored dot, which color can then be changed along with the shades of adjacent dots. This game offers a unique opportunity to show off the advanced technological level of aircraft display systems and airplane display options due to its rich and varied colors. Creativity-minded passengers can spend hours playing with the color of the entire game board as they go along.

Geospot. Another travel learning tool, Geospot shows players an image of a famous landmark along with a description of the site. Fliers then have about 20 seconds to place the landmark on a map and are awarded points based on their accuracy and how long their guessing takes.

Aircraft interior products and in-flight display systems provide the ability to offer passengers an engaging and relaxing flight experience along with that sparkling soda.