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How To Get Into The Right Head Space For Your Vacation

ife monitors

Since 75% of domestic trips being taken for leisure and relaxation purposes, it only makes sense to have a relaxing flight. One way to ensure an enjoyable flight is by including in flight entertainment systems (IFE systems). Aircraft display systems with special IFE monitors allow passengers to watch movies and TV shows that they enjoy, making their airline experience more favorable. If you are about to travel somewhere for fun, make sure your airline accommodates you with IFE monitors. This way you can watch a TV show or movie related to your imminent vacation. Here are some ideas to watch based on where you are traveling.

  1. The Beach
    If you are flying to Florida, or any of the great beach resorts in America, you should throw on some old Baywatch, connect to the IFE system on your plane, and get ready to live the life of lifeguards, minus all the work.
  2. Alaska
    Heading to Alaska for a camping and fishing trip? Watch the classic transcendentalist film Into The Wild. This movie is based on the true story of a college graduate whose ultimate goal in life was to live an authentic and natural life in Alaska. You will learn from the protagonist’s mistakes and triumphs, and arrive with the spirit of adventure flowing through you.
  3. New York City
    There are a million different shows and movies that would be perfect to watch on a flight to NYC, but the one that captures the spirit of the city best is Seinfeld. This timeless sitcom chronicles the misadventures of four friends through the wild streets of New York and poses unique moral questions throughout.
  4. Los Angeles
    If ever you wanted a window into the inner workings of LA, Californication is the show for you. As you fly to the west coast’s crown jewel, catch up on the high life with an out of work alcoholic writer who suffers the sting of unrequited love and writer’s block in the hedonistic landscape of la-la-land.

Flying across America is always an adventure waiting to happen. While you wait for the fun to come, live vicariously through TV characters native to your final destination. Using your airline’s IFE monitors for your ultimate viewing pleasure, you will be in the right frame of mind to make the most of your vacation.