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How In-Flight Entertainment Has Changed

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In 1914, the first-ever commercial flight took place lasting a total of 23 minutes. Commercial flights have changed a lot since that time with trips lasting longer, becoming more comfortable, and even including entertainment. Research has shown that 78% of flights taken, 3 out of four flights are for leisure purposes. When you are traveling for leisure, you want to start the entertainment as soon as possible, and your commercial flight has you covered with inflight entertainment monitors. Though 1914 trips did not have this kind of experience, inflight entertainment has changed over time. Here is a brief history of how far entertainment displays have come:

The First In-flight Screening

In 1921, the first in-flight screening was shown using the first-ever airplane display system on Aeronian airways. The flight was around Chicago and aired Howdy Chicago to the passengers. Imperial Airways followed four years later when they introduced their first airplane display setup. During the flight from London to Paris, the airline chose to air the film The Lost Word that passengers could enjoy.

The move was seen as an experiment, but the popularity of aircraft IFE systems has only improved — covering much more of the everyday life you enjoy back at home. Airplane display systems picked up popularity in the 1960s, and drastically went beyond reading the newspaper, talking to your seatmate, and looking out the window.

16mm In-flight Entertainment System

Inflight Motion Pictures Company by David Flexer introduced the 16mm film aircraft display system. This technology did away with the larger 33mm airplane display film system that was used before 1961. Flexer was the owner of a movie theater and made this discovery when flying on a plane. According to Life Magazine, Flexer says on a 1956 flight he discovered that airplanes were the most sophisticated mode of travel but the most boring.

Later in 1961, Trans World airline became the first commercial flight airline to offer entertainment in the form of full feature movies regularly. The first feature film to be shown on a commercial airline was By Love possessed that starred Lana Turner. The flight was from New York to Los Angeles and was reserved for first-class passengers only.

The response was so extraordinary that people were willing to pay higher flight fees to fly first class just to catch the show. Because of the demand for inflight entertainment, movies became the standard activity and were soon offered to all passengers.

Multiple Screens And The Introduction Of Seatback Screens

How people enjoy entertainment has changed since 1921. Shows were first viewed in multiple screens throughout the aircraft where passengers would plug in their headphones to hear the audio. The introduction of seatback screens came in the 1990s and changed the experience all over again. Passengers were given the option to watch what they desired on their personal screens. In 1991, seatback screens were first introduced to all passengers in all classes.

When you get on the plane for your vacation, you start by selecting your favorite movie. LFE monitors have played a huge role in passenger experience with people preferring to fly with airlines that offer inflight entertainment.

Airplane display will continue to entertain passengers for years to come as more inflight entertainment technology moves towards making it possible for passengers to stream their favorite shows during a flight. Give Imagik International Corp a call today to learn more!