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How to Have a Stress Free Travel Day in 3 Easy Steps

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Even if you’re going on a long-awaited vacation, traveling can be stressful for a lot of us. The best thing you can do to alleviate the travel headaches is to identify the sources of your stress ahead of time and take proactive steps to avoid them. If you can’t avoid them altogether, consider thinking up solutions to at least dilute the effect that they have on you. Here are some ways to help take your mind off of the trip and ways to decrease the strain it causes:

  1. Buy Some Sleep Aids: Whether you are taking a bus, plane, or even riding in the passenger seat, consider purchasing sleep aids to help you rest during the trip. If the mere thought of traveling is what stresses you out, or if you just aren’t someone who can sit still for long periods of time, falling asleep can be a great way to pass the time stress-free. Of course, falling asleep while traveling is easier said than done, so if you choose to use this method, you should test the way certain sleep aids work on you before you travel. There are many different options, both natural and over-the-counter, and you should find the one that you like best ahead of time so you aren’t surprised when you board the plane or bus. If the idea of taking sleep aids sounds bizarre, remember that chamomile tea is a great option!
  2. Use the In Flight Entertainment: Traveling can be boring, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like to sleep on planes. The good news is that many charter buses and airlines are incorporating in flight entertainment systems, or IFE systems, to keep passengers entertained during their trip. These systems can come in a variety of displays such as seat-back monitors, in seat power, airplane displays, in flight video, and audio ports, and what the airline provides depends on the type of systems they purchased from their in flight entertainment providers. Some airlines offer in-flight films, games, popular television shows, and more. Find out what your airline uses from their in flight entertainment providers before you get to the airport in case you have to bring headphones or a book.
  3. Minimize Carry ons: With the fees that come with checking baggage it can be understandable why you’d want to bring as much with you on the plane as you can. However, what most people don’t realize is that this minimizes the space you have for comfort — especially if you are limited to one bag in the overhead compartments. While many seasoned travelers pride themselves on carrying on everything they need to avoid checking bags, a baggage fee is a small price to pay for comfort. Pack smart and only bring what you need onto the plane.

With so many people choosing travel methods that optimize time such as flying, there can be a lot of stress involved. As of 2013, 3.1 billion flew every year, the first time total air passengers crossed the 3 billion mark. That means there are 3 billion other people who may add to your stress, or who can provide tips to help minimize it. Be sure to find out what your airline acquired from their in flight entertainment providers or if your other means of travel has entertainment. Ask around to see what ways friends and family make travel stress free.