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Important Tech Every Airline Needs To Keep Their Customer Happy

in-seat powerWe live in an age of technological innovation and this fact hasn’t slipped past the passengers on your flight. If you want to keep them entertained, the best way to do it is by giving them the options they crave to pass the time. Consider these options for in flight technology to accommodate your passengers.

In flight entertainment options

Showing one feature in your cabin doesn’t appeal to consumers like it used to. Instead of airing one movie for every individual to watch, passengers want the luxury of choosing a movie or television series. They also want to be able to watch it from their seats.

Most airlines now offer a streaming service designed to give the passenger full control over the type of media they watch. Additionally, they offer these options on a variety of platforms, including tablet use, or in flight video options on a screen stationed on the back of the seat in front of them. Between apps and other forms of in flight entertainment, the spirits of your passengers will stay as high as the altitude at which you’re flying.


Everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, and if your airline doesn’t offer free Wifi, you may be losing potential customers. In fact, nearly 25% of airline travelers would choose an airplane with Wifi over one without. This means you might be losing a quarter of your potential clientele on that fact alone.

In flight entertainment may not cut it anymore; passengers want complete control over their technological experience. Wifi might be the way to give it to them.

Inseat power

No matter how many airplane displays and airplane plug adapter options you offer, utilizing inseat power is the best way to keep your passengers happy and connected. Inseat power enables charging capabilities for all of your passengers, including fussy children who want to play on a tablet, a corporate professional who needs to manage their emails, or an aloof teenager who wants to play their handheld device. Inseat power gives any individual the opportunity to charge their technology without the fuss of stopping their connection.

In flight entertainment technology is constantly evolving, and it’s the job of the airlines to give their passengers what they want. Call Imagik International Corp for the best in airline entertainment today.