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Why Include In Flight Entertainment In The Digital Age?

Interior of first class of the world's largest aircraft Airbus A380. Emirates Airline. Exhibition ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

In flight entertainment systems take global aircraft interiors to the next level, providing customers with a multitude of experiences. But will these features become obsolete in the digital age? As more passengers bring tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other pieces of technology on board, aircraft display systems will still hold an important role. The benefits of this technology are significant.

  • Passenger Inclusivity: Not every passenger will own their own tablet or laptop. If an airplane does not have in flight entertainment systems, they will not be able to watch movies, play games, or listen to music like passengers who have their own devices.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The entire flight experience shapes customer experience. From the food that they eat to the movies they watch, passengers will rate your airline based on how well they were cared for during their trips. By including IFE monitors, your airline can guarantee passenger comfort and happiness during the flight.
  • Long-Flight Distractions: In flight entertainment is especially important on long flights, where passengers will want to keep busy with a variety of activities. Industry data shows that 41% of airline passengers watch movies on flights, so it is important that they have this option. By having this opportunity right in front of them, they can scan through their options without the risk of WiFi lag or other technical issues.
  • Improved Airline Rating: Companies with higher quality global aircraft interiors routinely receive better ratings. To perform better in published rankings, be sure to make your airline’s interior as modern as possible, accommodating a wide range of customer needs.
  • Potential Customization: Ever passenger is looking for a different experience. Some are older adults, some have kids, and some are young people traveling alone for the first time. With a quality airplane display, they will have customizable options right in front of them. Whether selecting music to lull their toddler to sleep or a movie to shake the takeoff jitters, they should be able to find something that will suit them.

If you are interested in what your specific customers are looking for in their flight experience, consider sending out a survey. This will allow your passengers to comment on what they like and what could use improvement. Remember: By providing a wide range of entertainment opportunities, you will cater to as many passengers as possible.