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New Ideas for Airplane Displays: Upping the Ante in the Air

airplane display

Perhaps at the latest aircraft interiors expo, you saw some innovative ideas and creative solutions to various design aspects of a plane. Perhaps some of these ideas intrigued you, but none of them particularly piqued any real interest. It is true that many of the aspects of plane interior design are already more practical and economic, but there is one area where progress should not be eschewed — and that is in flight entertainment.

Airplane displays and their functions carry much more weight than you probably thought. According to TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey, 25% of respondents would choose one airline over another if it offered WiFi. Another 37% considered carrying an iPad or tablet onto the plane an essential — up from 5% from 2012. The fact is, in our digital age, even plane travel does not warrant a time to unplug.

One way to cater to the needs of the modern traveler is to give them design element that they wouldn’t have even thought of. Consulting in light entertainment companies and conducting customer surveys is one way to go about it — also, consider these creative ideas for upping the ante when it comes to your aircraft interiors monitor.

Charging Stations
The modern traveler will need to be all charged up for landing and their impending adventure. Why not provide a custom charging station, complete with a pocket for their phone, tablet, or laptop, and every type of cord needed by popular electronics? Accommodating wattage on the plane for this purpose will also ensure greater safety.

Make it Smart
What if the airplane display was the tablet? Making the airplane display interactive, and designed to include some favorite games will certainly attract more passengers, keep children and restless passenger occupied, as well as make the flight experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

Enhance movie options
Every day, some 8 million people fly, and 41% of them prefer to watch movies than any other activity while flying. Indeed, it’s no wonder, consider that flight time offers a great opportunity to catch up on new releases. Up the ante in this department by offering popular movies, old films, and cult classics.

In flight entertainment systems are an integral part of the flying experience! Make sure yours is up to scratch.