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IKiPD-702: Our New Cockpit Product

IKiPD-702: Our new cockpit product

  Elevate your cockpit experience with our cutting-edge power solution! ✈️⚡Our new cockpit power product, featuring the IKiPD-702 Intelligent Power Delivery Unit, ensures you have the power you need for your EFB and crew devices. With up to 240 Watts…

All Form And Fit The Same

All form and fit the same

Imagine a world where connectivity is not only seamless but also effortlessly adaptable. Imagik is introducing a game-changing innovation where all outlets maintain a consistent ‘form and fit,’ making them swappable without the need for additional hardware modifications. This breakthrough…

🎉 Congratulations to Neos SpA, our fantastic partner, on successfully completing yet another installation of the Quatro A+C In-Seat Power System. 👏 Working with Neos has been a pleasure, and we look forward to the success of their next installation. We are committed…

Uninterrupted Power For All Guest

Uninterrupted Power For All Guest

February 29, 2024

With iPD, we guarantee each onboard guest an uninterrupted power supply for their devices, ensuring a seamless and connected experience throughout the weekend. So, whether you’re capturing breathtaking moments, staying connected with loved ones, or diving into your favorite entertainment,…

USB-C Is The Present And Future

USB-C is the present and future

February 16, 2024

Over 11,000 metric tonnes of discarded device chargers add to annual waste, according to EU estimates. Their Common Charger mandate, requiring USB-C ports on small and medium-sized mobile devices, aims to drastically cut this waste. USB-C is the present and…


USB-C Chargers to All Your Tech

September 8, 2022

At an even faster pace than predicted, USB Type-C PD has become the dominant standard for power delivery systems. IMAGIK has developed an entire line of In-Seat power options ranging from USB Type-A to AC 115 VAC with USB Type-C…