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US PATENT NO. 9,914,548

QUATRO+ Forte Power Supply P/N: IKPS6-554

1.00 Lbs/ 490 Gm

6.00 in L x 4.25 in W x 1.28 in H.
(152.5 mm L x 108 mm W x 32 mm H).


  • Patented “iPD” Technology Delivery for USB Type-A 10W and USB Type-C PD 60W with data transfer capabilities.
  • 300W total output power with passive cooling.
  • 4 Outlets with USB Type-A  (10W) + USB Type-C PD (60W).
  • Remote in-use report of voltage, current, power efficiency, and USB Insertion report.
  • System designed to monitor efficiency via attendant panel or tablet allowing scheduled maintenance prior to failure
  • Type-A power 5W, 10W, 15W , Type-C power 2.5W to 60W Using “iPD” Patent
  • Ancillary Revenue Capabilities: Allow normal power at 15W or premium power offering from 15W to 60W controlled via tablet or phone App.
  • Seat assignment through Type-C connector
  • PSU unit ID assignment through Type-C connector
  • Power factor correction > 0.98
  • Greater than 93% efficiency
  • Very low standby power, <250mW under no load condition
  • Very low operating temperature


Input: 85-130 VAC Single Phase, 360-800Hz.
Output: 24VDC.
Total Output Power: 300W.


Short circuit/Overcurrent protection.
Over-voltage, Under-voltage protection and Thermal protection.
PED plug detection compliant with FAA memorandums.