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How to Rehabilitate Your Airline’s Image in the Coming Year

Ife Systems

There’s no doubt that 2017 has been a rough year for many airline companies. New no-frill competitors, controversies, and increasingly long wait times have all left many commercial airline companies feeling out of step with of today’s consumers.

It’s never too early for major airline companies to rethink they way they approach their customer experience and public profile. In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways airlines are attempting to reclaim their narrative in preparation for the New Year.

  1. New or Improved Planes: One of the most common views on U.S. airlines is that they use outdated technology. While there might be very sound economic reasons to avoid building an entirely new aircraft, many airlines are finding that it takes more than a fresh coat of paint to placate the public. More plush first class seats, more innovative IFE systems, in seat power and USB systems, and more privacy-oriented cabins are all steps airline companies are taking to improve their first class experience. While these changes might require only a modest retrofit, they are doing wonders to help encourage passengers to splurge on those first class seats.
  2. More In Flight Entertainment Options: As the price of commercial television continues to fall, more and more flyers are accustomed to high resolution. If your aircraft display systems are outdated, you can bet your customers aren’t happy with the quality of their in flight entertainment. Remember: 41% of passengers watch movies on a flight, which can make for a lot of unhappiness with your IFE systems. That’s why many companies are investing in better IFE monitors and systems designed to appeal to even the most cynical media consumer. Whether you’re looking for a large LED screen or individual in-seat monitors, it’s important that you use the highest quality IFE systems on the market.
  3. Better Cabin Experience: One of the biggest shifts in airline experience is also one of the most subtle. Many airliners are now using carbon composites to build their planes, which can better insulate the cabin pressure. The effect can be remarkable, reducing the conditions of the cabin from those found at 8,000 feet to 6,000 feet. This simple shift allows moisture to remain in the cabin, subtly improving the rider’s experience.

Through big and small changes, airlines are looking to get a jump start towards rehabilitating their public image in 2018. With the tips above, you can help your airline stay at the cutting edge of this shift.