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Simple Tips To Market Your Airline To Millennials

Inseat Power Supply

Every day, an average of 8 million people travel by plane. Up to 78% of these trips are taken for leisure purposes while only 22% are taken for business.

What do those numbers mean for your airline? It means you can directly compete for flyers. And one group of flyers you want to target right now is millennials.

Why target your airline toward millennials?

Many marketers have been turning their attention toward Generation Z because the oldest Gen-Z consumer is now 23. Young adults might travel, but as a generation Generation Z isn’t old enough to have a stable job that allows them to travel frequently.

Millennials do. Born between 1980 and 1994, millennials (Gen-Y) are between the ages of 24 and 39. They’re at an age where travel is starting to be more appealing, especially as the U.S. pushes for its workers to take a break and use their vacation time.

So how can you market your airline to such a big age group like millennials in a way that isn’t cringe-worthy like the infamous emoji-centered ad campaign?

How can I target millennials the right way?

Millennials grew up in the age of technology. On-flight tech and an inseat power supply is something they expect from airlines. When your airline doesn’t have the latest tech like in-flight entertainment and inseat power supply, your airline may as well be obsolete to one of the biggest generations in history.

That said, install the latest tech if you already haven’t. This goes for in flight video and airplane plug adapters. The latest in-flight tech gives your millennial flyers to get their work done on the plane and stay connected with their loved ones.

After their flight, consider sending your flyers an email requesting they leave a review. Reviews are a great way to let others do your marketing for you. And, because consumers often check reviews before making their final purchase decision, you can be sure that your airline will be seeing new customers.

Where can I find in flight entertainment systems?

Only 17% of flight passengers said they prefer to sleep on the plane whereas 41% said they like to watch movies. In flight entertainment technology helps to keep your passengers happy no matter their age.

Imagik International Corp offers in flight entertainment systems, inseat power supply, and aircraft display systems so your airline can stay ahead of the game. To learn more about our in flight entertainment systems, contact Imagik International Corp today.