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QUATRO USB Charging System

WI-FI is fast becoming the preferred choice for many airlines as the most practical approach to giving passengers the freedom of using their own devices.

If you like most of us seems to be cursed with a low battery signal as you enter the cabin, what you hope for more than anything else is a plug under your seat. And a USB plug will be the most practical as most of us have a cable in our carry on.

So the question we asked was, are you installing a power system also ? Even more so if you intend to charge for the WiFi service.

We were surprised to know that many did not, so we decided to develop our own system.

We started our project for the QUATRO USB Charging System, with  four  parameters to work with.

It had to be small, light, use as little power as possible and cost way less that anything else in the market.

So know as we are on our way to a first installation of the QUATRO + USB Charging System, we are pleased to see that we have achieved all four requirements.

We wanted to share with you this article that probably explains in far more detail our own thoughts. Make sure you don’t miss the full infographic extension at the bottom for an in depth report of the market.

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