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Why Virgin America Gets Named Best Domestic Airline Every Year

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For the ninth year running, Virgin America has earned the number-one spot in the Condé Nast Traveler reader’s poll for “best domestic airline in the U.S.” In fact, it’s a position that Virgin Airlines has held every year since it first took flight in 2007.

What is it that puts this California-based airline miles above the competition? In a word: Leisure. Virgin understands that more than three in four domestic trips (78%) are taken for leisure travel, and its employees work hard to cultivate a sense of relaxation and luxury that few other airlines are willing to provide.

Chief among Virgin’s biggest draws are the inflight entertainment systems on board each and every aircraft. The company also offers fleetwide WiFi, in-seat power chargers, and touchscreen aircraft display systems in every single seat, on every single flight. Virgin’s wireless connection speeds are even fast enough to allow passengers to stream music or movies while in the air.

Their aircraft display screens offer high-resolution images and access to an enormous library of films, television shows, games, maps, and music — but they also do more than just entertain. Passengers can also order food or drinks at any time during the flight with a simple tap of a button on their seatback screens. The company has worked hard to overturn the unappetizing stereotype of “airplane food” by offering fresh, local produce and artisan meats and breads.

Despite recent rumors that Virgin America will soon be bought out by Alaska Airlines, founder Richard Branson assures customers that the brand identity so closely tied to the success of Virgin Air won’t be left behind. From its soft, ambient lighting to the focus on providing quality customer service and a range of in flight entertainment options, Virgin’s perks could teach almost every other airline out there a lesson in doing business.

See the full results of the Condé Nast Traveler reader’s poll for more information on the best international airline companies and the best airports around the world. But for more ways to enhance your inflight entertainment systems, contact our engineering and certification department here at Imagikcorp.