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What to Consider When Looking For IFE Monitors For Commercial Airplanes

IFE Monitors

The demand for quality entertainment has been witnessed across all industries, and this has led to manufacturers coming up with improved products while the consumers and the service providers continuously look for what works best for them. In the airline industry, this is no exception, and a lot of effort has been put in place to ensure passage comfort and to remain competitive to especially in this industry where competition is quite aggressive. For instance, based on eDreams reviews, Emirates airlines had the IFE systems globally in the year 2014 with an impressive rating of 4.48 out of 5.


To ensure that an airline settles for the best inflight entertainment system, this post will look at six of the leading factors to consider when selecting IFE monitors which happen to be a critical element to the system.


1. Size of the screen


In-flight entertainment monitors come in a variety of sizes, and as such, it is important to determine the size that will work best for a particular commercial airplane. One of the greatest factor to determine the size of the IFE monitors would be the configuration of the seats. For instance, the 1st class section of a plane would have bigger screens as compared to economy class. Typically, for seat display units 10″ and 15″ would be a great while for ceiling and bulkhead, 15″ would be considered as a great fit. Getting the size right is important as it affects the experience of the passengers.


2. Technology


Advances when it comes to technology have impacted virtually all areas of our lives. When it comes to entertainment, this has been great. As such, when looking for monitors for a commercial airline, the technology that comes packed in the monitors is vital. Going for the most futuristic IFE monitors would the most ideal thing. This is more so given that these monitors are expected to be in service for quite a while. Some of the important technical features to look for in the monitors is the screen resolution to get the best image quality and compatibility with other devices.


3. Cost


Due to the nature of the monitors, the cost factor is usually high though this is a worthy investment. It is important to compare prices and ensure that you get the best. This would not necessarily mean the lowest price but the best value for money and reliability. While at it, it is important to go through aircraft interiors expo news for various quotations and the price points offered.


4. Audio Quality


When looking for monitor systems, it is quite easy to forget the sound quality offered by the system. However, research has proven that this is a great factor in ensuring a great passenger experience. Even with an impressive resolution on the screen, the poor quality sound would be a big letdown on the overall experience in the flight. Given that the audio output comes with the IFE monitors, it is therefore important to have this in mind and ensure that the required audio quality is observed.


5. Serviceability


Due to the nature of the industry and how long the system is expected to be in service, damages to the monitors are to be expected. As a result, it is important to have monitors in place that will be easily serviced and replaced if need be. For this to be possible, you need a reliable manufacturer such as Imagik Corp with an FAA approved repair station to take for all your repairs of the system. With this in place, you can be assured of a pleasant time operating the entertainment system.


6. Compatibility


Especially with a fleet of aircraft, it is important for an airliner to have compatible systems across several planes. This would be critical when it comes to servicing the systems. The element of compatibility comes forth when it comes to how the monitors and the system, in general, connect to other devices such as Android and iOS devices for an integrated entertainment experience. Compatibility of the system can also be viewed on from the angle of having the monitor being replaced with a later version without having to alter the seat housing.