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What You Need to Know About Inflight Entertainment

IFE Monitors

All airlines perpetually strive to be the best option. With all the competition out there, these businesses need to consistently improve their services and amenities. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that one of the best investments that can possibly be made is one in IFE monitors and IFE systems (in-flight entertainment monitors and systems). According to an Air Travel Survey done by TripAdvisor, 25% of passengers based their choice of airline on whether or not it had WiFi, and 37% of passengers reported bringing their iPad or tablet as a carry on was essential, a number that grew 5% from the previous year.

However, there may be a few things you’re wondering about.

Does it pay off?
As many in flight entertainment companies are quick to point out, about 41% of passengers on airlines will watch movies during their flight. To do this, IFE monitors are required. Without them, your consumers may very well choose a different airline. This is one of the key reasons many airlines invest: they know that without these IFE monitors, they may lose hundreds of potential consumers over a small detail.

What are the key benefits?
There are three major benefits: gaining consumers, retaining consumers, and profiting. Having IFE makes you a more desirable airline. So when consumers are shopping around for the biggest bang for their buck, you will come to mind thanks to your IFE. This will help bring in new consumers, as well as bring old consumers back and build your overall brand, thus creating a profit. So everyone wins!

Where can I get this technology?
There are many companies that boast IFE systems, but make sure you do your research before buying or even contacting any of them. The company you go with should be reputable, have experience, and charge a fair price. It’s very unwise to go with the first company found, just out of convenience, which is where many go wrong. You don’t want to overpay, but at the same time, your passengers will definitely notice if you didn’t take their IFE — and their experience — seriously.

Are you thinking of investing in an inflight entertainment system? Will you be upgrading a current system? What do you think is the best benefit of these in flight entertainment systems?