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What Your InFlight Entertainment System Needs To Be The Best Of The Best

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Not all inflight entertainment, or IFE, is made the same. These systems differ from airline to airline and some are superior to others. The quality of an airline’s system is extremely important, as passengers will be relying on IFE products to keep them entertained for hours as they’re stuck on an aircraft in the sky. Know these qualities of the best inflight entertainment systems and you will be giving your customers exactly what they want.

Plenty Of Options In The Media Library

Often, the most impressive quality of an IFE system is how many movies and TV shows it has to offer. With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu in nearly every American home, passengers are used to having endless options through which they can scroll. In your inflight entertainment systems, offer a wide variety of genres and be sure to have some media that is short and some that is long. Although about 41% of passengers in airlines watch movies, you wouldn’t want to only offer feature films to those on a 45 minute flight. In the same vein, you don’t want to force passengers on a 6 hour flight to only watch half-hour episodes of a TV show. Consumers value having options, and that holds true for flying passengers.

Entertainment Other Than Movies

While plenty of passengers enjoy plugging in their headphones and spending their flight watching movies, others would rather not spend hours looking at a screen. Those who don’t want to watch something may prefer IFE products that allow them to listen to music as they sleep or read. IFE products that have games in them are also a popular alternative to watching media and can be especially popular with kids who need a distraction during the flight.

Modern Amenities

Your airline may have had the latest in inflight entertainment five or 10 years ago, but technology develops quickly and consumers want an airline that can keep up with the times. A system from years ago can look obviously outdated, and consumers tend to judge the quality of the airline based on that. If you haven’t taken a hard look at your airline’s IFE system in a few years, check to see that you have all of the modern amenities passengers look for, like WiFi and inseat power outlets.

The quality of inflight entertainment systems should match what you would look for in an entertainment system that is land-bound. Give your passengers plenty of options with the latest technology, and they are sure to be happy.