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Why Airlines Need Reliable Airplane Power Outlets

When people travel, they are sure to include their technological devices on their packing lists. These devices are essential for travelers to stay entertained and fly in comfort. While you may think that your aircraft’s in-flight entertainment systems are enough to keep someone occupied for a few hours, most passengers tend to turn to their personal devices for at least some portion of the trip. You need to ensure that the airplane power outlets are functional and reliable for all of these types of passengers, or else there will be crying kids and adults alike.

For The Overwhelmed Parents

In a 2013 Air Travel Survey from TripAdvisor, 37% of respondents consider a tablet or iPad a carry-on essential, an increase of 5% from the year before. Traveling families rely on tablets even more heavily to keep the kids entertained for long flights. Parents have likely already downloaded their favorite movies, music, and games onto the devices, so they’re counting on those rectangles to occupy their children. If the kids are using the device for the entire trip, or if the family had to rush out of the house without fully charging the devices, they’re going to need functional airplane power outlets to make it to landing. Even if they don’t rely on tablets, most families will have other gadgets, like iPhones, iPods, LeapFrog learning gadgets, or handheld Nintendo game systems.

For The Worker Bees

Many passengers use airplane travel for business, and they can be just as reliant on airplane power outlets as families with kids. Whether they need to get a last-minute report finished or get ahead on work for the upcoming week, traveling workers will not hesitate to whip out their laptops or tablets and use up their batteries. Some work-minded travelers may also be using their smartphones at the same time and rely on multiple power outlets to be available and working well.

For The Sleepers

During a flight, 17% of passengers prefer to sleep. They’d rather skate through the multiple hours they’re spending in the air by staying in their dreams. While some people can fall asleep easily in noisy environments or uncomfortable positions, others rely on devices to drift off. When a passenger is planning on using their smartphone to play white noise or relaxing sounds for the duration of a flight, they’re probably going to need power outlets to recharge the device. If a sleep-deprived passenger isn’t able to charge their phone and pop in their headphones, their grumpy alter ego is going to be released on everyone in the vicinity.

Too often, a power outlet on an airplane doesn’t work, or a whole side of the plane has faulty outlets, and that causes the passengers to complain and the airline attendants to deal with their discomfort. Keep fliers happy and the attendants’ day simple by providing reliable power outlets on your aircrafts.