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Why Attend the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016? Multiple Reasons

In Flight Entertainment Companies

The Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016 will run from April 5 to 7 in Hamburg Messe, Germany. This event is intended to be thedestination for the aircraft interiors industry, and registration is currently ongoing.

Thousands of Attendees and Airline Buyers Present
With an estimated 1,000 airline buyers, over 500 aircraft interiors suppliers, and 14,000 estimated attendees, the event is going to be a hit. On the site’s website, it’s possible to browse through new exhibitors for 2016 — of which there are 143 listed — and view the listed exhibitors for all product categories, including cockpit door, flooring, overhead storage, lighting, in flight entertainment companies, and more.

Why Attendees Report Attending
At the aircraft interiors expo Hamburg last year, the majority of visitors report visiting for inspiration (23%). Meeting a current supplier was next common at 19%, and networking was in third at 17%. When it comes to visitor interest, seating ranks highest, followed by galleys and galley equipment, and then cabinet management systems. Of those polled, 85% of exhibitors last year reported being satisfied that the aircraft interiors expo event provided the right audience for their company, with 95% reported a likely return to exhibiting in this year’s expo.

Why Attend the Expo This Year?
Now is the right time to put more research and development into creating a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable flight. More than 8 million people fly for business or pleasure every day, and in 2013, the total passenger flights exceeded 3 billion, the first time that mark was reached in history. In flight entertainment companies are becoming more popular thanks to statistics about consumer interest — 25% of consumers would prefer an airline if it offered WiFi.

What events can you attend during the expo? On April 4th at the Congress Center Hamburg, there will be a passenger experience conference during which strategic issues regarding things like profitability and cabin innovation will be discussed. On the night of April 4th, there will be an Industry Networking Party at the same location. On April 5th, the World Traveling Catering and Onboard Services Expo will occur at the Hamburg Messe. This event is an important one not to miss for those responsible for passenger services or travel catering services.