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Welcome to IMAGIK Corp.

“Where Innovation Meets Affordability”…Is dedicated to providing its’ customers with the latest and most innovative technologies, making it accessible through smart design.

A well-recognized name in the design, development, and manufacturing of IFE Monitors and USB In-Seat Power Supply Systems IMAGIK has moved forward with the next generation of the QUATRO-Plus.

The QUATRO+AC Power Supply follows our concept of lightweight and compact through smart design. The advancement in technologies has allowed IMAGIK to develop affordable efficient products of the highest quality. The QUATRO+AC Power Supply doesn’t require an MCU/ Main Control Unit, therefore, reducing the overall weight of the power system on the aircraft. Weighing in at 650gm the QUATRO+AC is probably the lightest PSU of its kind available today. The QUATRO+AC is available in multiple outlet options depending on the airline’s preference. The QUATRO+ Series of PSUs is a pragmatic approach to In-seat power charging systems, an “Affordable Solution“ to the Airlines.

We urge you to contact IMAGIK or visit us in Hamburg at the 2018 Aircraft Interiors Expo to discuss and design a program that enhances your services and best meets your individual requirements.

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