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3 Must-Have Carry On Items

Inseat Usb Systems

Any flight over an hour long can feel like forever, especially if you haven’t packed the essentials. Most airlines will provide some basic items during your flight, such as snacks and beverages, but your pack-list is far more extensive.

If you’re about to catch a flight, then here are some carry-on essentials.


You may be fortunate enough to be taking an airline that provides passengers with the latest and greatest of in flight entertainment technology, but not everyone is so lucky. If you’re airline is behind the times and doesn’t have even the most basic aircraft display systems and tech, then you’ll have to come prepared. Items such as headphones, tablets, laptops, and portable DVD players are just a few things you might find to be invaluable on your flight. Just remember to download or pack your favorite movie or television series before you board. Also be sure to charge everything before your flight. If your airline doesn’t provide inseat USB systems to charge your electronics, you’ll be sorely upset to find out you only have an hour’s worth of battery for a five-hour long flight.

Comfortable clothes

Unless you’re getting off of the plane and heading straight to your board meeting, then you can get away with being comfortable on your flight. That doesn’t mean you have to wear sweatpants and a hoodie, but dress wisely. Maybe wear your favorite pair of jeans with a soft t-shirt and pack a cardigan or scarf. Yes, even if you’re going to the tropics, that scarf can be your saving grace. If you’re like the 17% of passengers who prefer a mid-flight nap when they fly, you’ll want to be as comfortable in your seat as possible.


If you need a prescription medication or suffer from the occasional headache or sore body, then you should absolutely be sure to pack your medication in your carry-on. Being stuck next to a screaming child for four hours with a pulsating migraine and nothing to help relieve it makes for a miserable flight.

Hopefully, your plane is equipped with seat-back monitors, inseat USB systems, and all of the other in-flight entertainment you could need. Yet, even if it is, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for your travels.