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In-flight Entertainment to Feature Computer Educational Videos for Alaska Airlines

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Did you know that on the average day, over 8 million people board a plane and take a flight? This includes national and international flights. The majority of people that fly on planes like to enjoy entertainment, considering that the average flight is about five hours.

Passengers like to watch TV, read on their tablets, play games on their smartphones, and use technology in just about any way possible to keep themselves entertained on their flight. For this reason, airlines are typically equipped with several items to accommodate their passengers. Airplane power adapters are used for in seat power so a multitude of devices can be charge on a flight. Aircraft displays offer IFE monitors so that their passengers can watch TV and movies.

As you can see, in flight entertainment systems are very important for many passengers. Alaska Airlines is taking advantage of this trend, and they want to offer a unique experience for their patrons. They have paired up with to include computer education videos on their flights.

These videos are made for everyone to enjoy on their flight, Hadi Partovi, the CEO of, recently stated.

“The series entails short lessons on binary and data, circuits and logic, CPU, memory, input and output, and hardware and software. The series is designed to be easy for everyone to understand,” says Partovi.

Eventually, depending on the success of these series, will plan to incorporate these videos into middle school and high school curriculum. In today’s digital age, it is important for young people to be educated on how to use computers in a way that is not normally taught in public schools. This understanding can allow for advancements that would not have been possible without this specific type of education

Tech Crunch tells us that the series will also be available on Khan Academy, a startup that offers computer science education, and tools for parents and teachers. The new program is allowing every day citizens to learn information about technology that they use on a daily basis. This new computer education series is an entertaining and approachable way for people to gain a basic awareness of how computers work.

Alaska Airlines are the first ones to step up and offer any kind of educational programs on their flights. Airplane power adapters and other in flight entertainment equipment is making all of this possible for them at this point. Who else will follow suit?