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The QUATRO Plus system is an universal compatible four independent USB dedicated port charger capable
to output up to 2.1A per port. An auto-detect feature monitors USB data line voltage, and automatically
provides the correct electrical signatures on the data lines to charge devices while meet their power
management requirements.

The QUATRO Plus system consists of the following components.

  • 1x AC to DC Power
  • 4x USB Head
  • 4x USB Head Cable


  • Over Current Protection (OCP) independent on each channel.
  • Hysteresis thermal shutdown independent on each channel.
  • Short-circuit output protection independent on each channel.
  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP) independent on each channel.
  • Auto restart after fault condition restore independent on each channel.
  • Stand-by < 0.2W.
  • 4 x USB Port, 2.1A Max 10watts.
  • Input / Output daisy chain AC connectors.
  • Cable drop compensation (CDC) technology to fit different cable length.
  • Support for most common charging schemes.

Benefits of USB QUATRO

  • Delivers better passenger experience, More USB Sockets available.
  • Every port is a high power port.
  • All ports work independent from each other.
  • Total Power consumption controlled at 60W Max per Row.
  • All cables / harnesses with quick disconnect
  • Low Cost
  • Very lightweight interconnection harnesses.
  • Extremely compact size under 20mm/ slightly over ¾ inches Height.
  • Ultra Low inrush current for daisy chain connection.
  • Ultra Low harmonic distortion @ 400 Hz.
  • High efficiency