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The Top Three Most Essential Aircraft Interior Products for 2017

Aircraft Display

On any given day, an incredible 8 million people are flying through the air on giant metal machines.

Today’s airline industry is showing no signs of slowing down — but it’s still fairly easy to alienate customers with outdated technologies and low-quality aircraft displays. With the level of competition in today’s airline industry, they can certainly afford to do so. So don’t risk the prospect of losing their business to another airline simply because of some outdated technology and aircraft interior.

To get started, take a look at these three major trends for today’s airlines:

In-flight entertainment
The most important part of any commercial airline are the people who fly with them. That’s why this one is listed first. Having the right aircraft display systems can make a massive difference in customer satisfaction; when 41% of airline passengers prefer to watch movies on their flights, compared to a mere 21% of passengers who prefer to read while they fly, airline display and inflight entertainment systems are a must.

Working WiFi
You’d be surprised at how many aircrafts and airlines don’t have WiFi for their customers. Many airlines’ WiFi simply won’t work when they’re up in the air. In 2017, WiFi — whether it’s free or paid — isn’t optional when it comes to your airline’s technology offerings. Just look at the statistics: one in four survey respondents on TripAdvisor have said they’d switch to a new airline if it offered WiFi. That’s one too many customers when it comes to your airline’s bottom line.

Luxurious interiors
Lastly, any reputable airline these days knows about the importance of clean, new environments. This is especially true on those long cross-continent flights! As a result, investing in your aircrafts’ seats, carpets, and other textiles is a must. Newer interiors are essential for passenger comfort and for being able to offer the best in flight services and entertainment possible to those who fly with your airline.

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