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What Do People Do When They Fly?

Airplane Display

Millions of people fly every day, and most of the time, they think of their flights merely as a means to an end — whether that end is a business trip or a long awaited vacation. Nevertheless, those flights sometimes last for hours on end. What do people do when they fly, besides dream about their destinations? Take a look here to find out what most people prefer to do on their flights:

Some 21% of passengers read during a flight. This traditional plane pastime might be a great chance to catch up on those magazine articles you’ve been bookmarking, or finally start that novel that has been sitting on your bedside table for so long.

About 17% of airline passengers enjoy a snooze on their flight, which can be extremely beneficial, especially for those who are afraid of flying or who would otherwise be glued to the airplane display systems, obsessively tracking their progress. Sleep is also a great way to get an edge on jet lag, and to prepare for whatever might be waiting for you at landing.

Watch Movies
Most people, it seems, enjoy watching movies while they fly, at 41%. This might be because movies are an easy way to escape from the unpleasant aspects of the flight, like wailing babies, turbulence, and air sickness. Airlines know this, which is why they offer in flight entertainment systems featuring recently released movies.

Whether you turn to your inflight entertainment system, read, use the in seat power to use your own device, or listen to lullaby music with you in seat USB power, there are lots of ways to pass the time until you disembark at your destination. It might be worthwhile to start thinking about your airline traveling time as an opportunity, instead of lost time. Check out the airplane display in front of you to get started.