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How to Have the Best Flight Possible

in flight entertainment system

Sitting in a small cabin with dozens of other people for up to 12 hours doesn’t sound like anybody’s cup of tea. Add squealing babies, loud sniffles, and drunk passengers, and you get a pretty unpleasant flight. You may find yourself glued to the airplane display, urging the tiny plane over the virtual map as fast as it can go.

But the 8 million people on average who fly every day are doing it because it is totally worth it — to get to a dream vacation, a career altering business trip, or simply back home after a long absence. The price of the discomforts of a flight is nothing compared to the benefits of the speed and efficiency of air travel, not to mention whatever is waiting at the end of the final terminal. Don’t fear the journey. By being a wise and prepared traveler, you’ll feel just as happy on your flight as the attendants grinning at you from the IFE monitors.

Follow these quick tips for having the most comfortable flight possible:

1. Take Advantage of the In Flight Entertainment Systems
If you’re like 41% of airline passengers, you watch the in flight movies provided by your carrier. But have you ever explored the other options offered? Many in flight entertainment companies provide recently debuted albums, short films, music videos and other unexpected options.

2. Come Prepared
Any seasoned traveler will know what to keep in their carry on bags when it comes to long uncomfortable flights. The essentials include: high quality earphones for your music player or the inflight entertainment system, a travel pillow, a blanket, and a sleep mask. You may also want to consider bringing ear plugs, slipper socks, small toiletries, and snacks.

You might want to consider buying snacks at Duty Free, too. Chewing gum can help relieve the air pressure in your head, and drinking lots of water can help keep you hydrated in the dry air of the plane cabin.

3. Don’t Accept Your Fate
If your flight isn’t full and you’re dissatisfied with your seat, there is a good chance you can get a new one. Ask when you check in, when you get to the gate, and again when you board. People shift around or unexpectedly cancel all the time. If you’re stuck where you are, fully immerse yourself in what those in flight entertainment systems have to offer.

More than three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure, that doesn’t mean you have to let travel time cut into the relaxation time you worked so hard for. Use the air time to take some time for yourself, indulge in the in flight entertainment systems, sit back and enjoy the ride.