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Aircraft Interior Expo Hamburg 2019 Review

IFE repair station

This year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo or AIX saw a thrilling line up of some of the most brilliant and innovative aircraft interior ideas seen to date. The three-day event held in Hamburg certainly lived up to its hype as airlines and industry giants from all over the world brought their A-game to the event.

From standing seats and onboard IFE repair stations to designs that help the visually impaired, AIX19 was brimming with incredible ideas from amazing design engineers and interior specialists who outdid themselves this year. The event was also graced by the mayor of Hamburg who was beyond fascinated by the genius of airlines and their design teams and the speed and efficiency of an IFE repair station.

This piece will talk about some of the best technology and designs unveiled during AIX19 and some key highlight of the event as well as other aircraft interior expo news:

Airbus’ Baggage Space Spotting Technology

Airbus solved the age-old problem of having to search every compartment to find free space for your luggage. By using LEDs and special sensors, one can easily spot empty compartments. In case a passenger fills any compartment with baggage, the LEDs will change color accordingly.

These LEDs use little energy and are very long-lasting. If they break, professionals at any IFE repair station can take care of the problem easily.

Avio Interiors Standing Seats

As paradoxical as it sounds, Avio interiors have come up with standing seats. This crazy design is meant to increase space inside aircrafts for more passengers to fit onboard.

The chair has something like a bicycle seat, an upright backrest for your back, and some tiny armrests to the side. The spacing is just enough for your leg to fit snug into the chair. This innovative design is an iteration of Avio Interiors SkyRider series which is meant to create a new class of flight passengers. It is both practical and economical.

The company is looking to integrate in-seat power supply and USB systems by the times the conceptualized chairs are allowed on planes.

Mock ‘AIRSPACE’ cabins by Airbus

Airbus proved that the future is now by showcasing the AIRSPACE cabins meant for the A320Neo, A350, and A330Neo. The highlight of this futuristic cabin was the large bins for luggage rightly named the Airspace XL bins. The cabins also have wider seats, unobstructed legroom, and modern lavatories. The inflight entertainment system was simply out of this world.

This mighty show by Airbus was meant to usher in a new generation of airlines by taking a customer-centric approach and emphasizing on the passenger experience. The new aircraft models will also be economical in terms of fuel consumption and environmentally friendly.

Dimmable Window Technology for Boeing 777X

Boeing didn’t hold anything back during the AIX19. Perhaps the company’s most ingenious technology was the electronically dimmable windows as an option for the Boeing 777X. Boeing will be the first airline ever to have these type of windows on their aircraft.

The flight crew will control the windows through a centralized system so the passengers won’t have to cover their windows with the shades when the sun is blaring. Combine these windows with the innovative app from Panasonic that helps you decrease jet lag, and you are set up for very smooth flights for years to come.

Imagik Corp’s Intelligent Power Delivery System

To meet the growing demand of power for charging devices during flights, Imagik Corp has come up with an innovative solution they call the Intelligent Power Delivery system of iPD. This breakthrough technology is an addition to their Quatro USB type A and Type A + AC variants.

The technology allows passengers to set their preferred power supply for their various in-flight entertainment devices. It also stops the power supply to a particular outlet when not in use. The parts are easy to access and can easily be fixed or tweaked at any IFE repair station when the need arises.

What is clear from all these brilliant innovations is that AIX10 was a no holds barred event. Aircraft enthusiasts got front row seats as airline interior titans proved their might.