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Which Airlines Have The Best In Flight Entertainment?

Airplane Power Adapter

As airline technology advances, in flight entertainment certainly takes a front seat most of the time. From airplane power adapters to IFE monitors, these systems are growing in quality and connectivity. And for the more than 8 million people who fly every day, some companies stand out from the rest. These airlines are only a selection of those with exemplary in flight entertainment systems.

JetBlue has more than just IFE display systems. They offer movies, satellite radio, and TV shoes on their displays. They also own the company LiveTV, giving the customers a selection of DIRECTV channels right in front of their seat.

Air Canada
This Canadian company has one of the most accessible IFE systems, since most of their offerings are free to all customers. These options include TV shows for children and adults, flight information, music albums, playlists, over 100 movies, podcasts, and audio books. Let’s just say that you won’t be bored on one of these flights.

Singapore Airlines
While many other flights choose IFE or personal entertainment, these flights offer both. Singapore Airlines is known for their KrisWorld system. This unique IFE experience offers games, radio, TV shoes, PDF readers, movies, audiobooks, and more. They also offer USB ports and airplane power adapters so customers can use their own devices in their seats.

This selection would not be complete without mentioning Emirates. The company has taken the top IFE prize for 10 years in a row. Their widescreen entertainment system has over 1,500 movies, international television shows, live programs, games, music, and even live stream cameras from outside the aircraft. Many flights offer wifi to their customers who prefer to use their own devices.

Qatar Airways
Qatar is certainly winning the numbers game with their IFE. This airline overs over 2,000 entertainment options for their customers. While enjoying your flight, you can flip through games, audio books, new movies, and full seasons of your favorite TV shows.

As in flight entertainment companies race to develop cutting edge technology, airlines will need to keep up. Those who adapt these entertainment systems will stand out above the others, keeping their customers content during even the longest flights.