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How Mobile Technology Is Changing Aircraft Interiors

Aircraft Interior Products

When it comes to air travel, most people are very much used to the same old things– no leg room, wailing babies, recycled air, and second run movies on the inflight entertainment systems (IFE) systems.

But times, they are a’changing, especially in the aircraft interiors world. New aircraft interiors projects, from better IFE monitors to in-seat USB power are just some examples of improvements that are being made for the flyer.

And because airlines can’t do anything about the wailing babies, and because they won’t do anything about the legroom, they’re looking to improve inflight technology instead. It’s easy to see why: 25% of respondents to a survey said that they would go with one airline over another if it offered wi-fi, and 37% of passengers consider their iPad or tablet device an essential carry-on item.

Check out some of the key ways that mobile technology in particular is transforming the air travel, aircraft interior products, and global aircraft interiors game:

InFlight Entertainment Systems
Portable and wireless in flight entertainment systems can let passengers use both IOS and Android technologies to access special, airline provided entertainment systems on the plane. This offers some exciting new opportunities for airlines, from creating apps to expanding customer service options. This also guarantees that the airline can tailor their content and make sure that they are on-brand. The fact is that the modern passenger expects to have full use of their mobile devices.

Journey Management
This one has already begun. Just think of the ability to check in to your flight on your phone and print out your boarding passes at self-serve terminals. This speaks to the high demand for more streamlined air travel techniques. Already, 56% of passengers are using their phones for flight status alerts. Many airlines are even thinking about implementing transfer kiosks and self-boarding.

Tracking Technology
With mobile apps that can track the real-time location of a flight, waiting for your ride to pick you up will be a thing of the past. Not only will it help to prevent your loyal friend from rolling out of bed at 5 a.m. to pick you up if your flight ends up being delayed, but it will help to mediate airport traffic and flow.

Technology is rapidly leading the way to many innovations in air travel that will improve the flyer’s experience, as well as the quality of service and use of resources. Aircraft interior products are swiftly adapting to today’s frequent flyer.